is a project of multimedia artist Andre Gansebohm.
(he also releases ambient/ drone music as Bored Man Ganesh
further he runs the ambient label Organic Industries)


a 20 minute ndru remix for:
(listen to excerpt)

Coppice Halifax - Vapor Acre (Cassette)

The second edition of Coppice Halifax’s Vapor Acre Cassette. This reissue features Orange labels on Orange Cassettes and includes a superb new 11 minute digital bonus track titled “VSS Acre”. Ambient field recordings woven efforlessly into dense melodic Dub Techno. Truly addictive material!

Track Listing:

01 Vapor Acre
02 Mint Acre
03 Royal Acre
04 NCC Acre
05 Orange Acre
06 Humid Acre
07 Orange Acre [Ndru Remix]
08 Humid Acre [Radere Reduction]